"Your DNA is NOT Your Destiny."

Welcome to the age of the Smart Body.


The human body is the greatest sacred geometry you will ever see. It is a work of art expressed in physical form. When you honor and respect the SMART body as a work of art expressed as flesh and bone - you can manifest and express perfect health.


  • Your body is SMART and designed to be a self-healing organism.​

  • Your DNA is NOT your destiny. 

  • Your cells are listening and the words you speak matter.


We have to start loving our bodies and loving ourselves. We have to be kinder to ourselves. We have to immerse ourselves in positive words and affirmations. We can talk to our bodies and even reverse the aging process or reverse illness and disease. It is possible.


All we have to do is believe that our bodies are SMART. Healing the body is only the first step. We also have to be committed to healing the planet. The truth is each of us is far more extraordinary and capable than we could ever imagine.

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Your body is SMART and your cells are listening.

The smartbodygreen brand was created to help educate and inspire people on a global level about the significant role the Innate SMART Body plays in terms of the healing process. Awakening the Innate Smart Body can help each of us live a better life, mentally, physically, spiritually and environmentally. Healing must happen on all levels - it's much more than merely healing the body.


  • It's about healing the heart and healing the soul.

  • It's about healing the emotions.

  • It's about healing the trauma.

  • It's about taking the steps necessary to live a happier, healthier life.​


You are the words you speak, the dreams you have and even the music you listen to. You are what you take from these. You can choose to focus on healing and on the positive aspects of life or on anger, bitterness, and regret, the choice is yours. 



The SMART Heart-Mind-Body Foundation's primary mission is to increase awareness and research ways to activate the SMART Heart, the SMART Mind, and the SMART Body via the Heart-Mind-Body Connection. The foundation will be dedicated to providing products, programs and services that support the SMART Body and Mind as well as the intuitive intelligence of the Heart in terms of their collective healing powers. 



Heart Shape Cookie Cutter
Couple Meditating on the Beach
Reiki Treatment

Research done in conjunction with HeartMath involved focusing positive loving thoughts and intentions on 28 vials of DNA. As a result the DNA lovingly responded, by relaxing, unwinding and lengthening. When negative thoughts like anger and stress were focused on the vials, the DNA tightened. Negative emotions also caused the DNA to shorten and switch off the genetic codes.

Studies reveal that a program of positive lifestyle changes can alter 4,000 to 5,000 different gene activities. Research also tells us that chronic diseases like cancer may actually have emotional roots, in addition to physical ones. Through our work, we would like to explore the concept that the human body as well as the Heart and the Mind are SMART.

Negative emotions like anger and repressed feelings can have a negative impact on your health and your immune system. Finding ways to cut back on stress and flood the mind and body with positive emotions should certainly be part of the recovery process. The body is essentially a self-healing organism. However, it cannot do this in a constant state of aggravation, or in a continual state of fight or flight.

"This innate intelligence is continuously working to keep you healthy and strong, in BOTH your internal and external environment. This inborn intelligence factor is known as innate intelligence and it is something you are born with.


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