Welcome to Planet Blessed!

My hope for this blog is to provide a supportive, loving, and non-judgmental space for people to “Bless the Mess and Embrace the Uncertainty." 


Our lives are very different today than they were even a few short months ago. Some things may never get back to the way they were.


With these changes, our daily lives have become extremely challenging. We worry about our health, our ability to make a living, and worry that things will never get back to normal. We live with an overwhelming sense of fear and uncertainty. Fight or flight has become our new way of life. Mindfulness teaches us to thrive in adversity and to live in the present moment.


As we journey through this beautiful, challenging, wonderful, awe-inspiring place called Planet Earth we have to remember to Bless the Mess and cultivate gratitude. We have to start imagining and affirming that we are actually living on Planet Blessed!

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