Through the SMART Heart, Mind, Body Foundation We Aim To:

  • Provide products, programs, and services that support the SMART Heart-Mind-Body practice and the SMARTBODYGREEN mission.

  • Provide education, advocacy and research to increase awareness of the heart-mind-body connection and mindfulness-based healing practices.

  • Educate and increase awareness of how to talk to the SMART Heart, Mind and Body using SMART Body Affirmations.

  • Increase awareness of the SMART Heart-Mind-Body's ability to heal and overcome chronic disease.

  • Increase awareness of the Heart and its innate intelligence.

  • Educate and increase awareness of how the SMART Body and the Intelligent Heart, as well as the Mind, can work together to heal chronic disease.

  • Provide help and hope to those affected by Illness and disease through the exploration and development of the SMARTBODYGREEN Healing Practice and SMART Body Affirmations.

  • Provide funding to help those in need.

  • Bridge the gap and show how our emotions can help us heal and overcome chronic disease.

  • Provide research in support of this mission and act as an advocate for those who would like to learn more about the SMARTBODYGREEN Movement.