Your DNA is NOT Your Destiny!

Updated: Feb 28

Your DNA is NOT Your Destiny. The truth is you can change anything. These daily affirmations are specifically designed to help you jump-start the healing process and they can be used in conjunction with any kind of treatment modality. You have a power deep inside you - the innate intelligence of the smart body. It’s time to awaken that power.

DNA is NOT Your Destiny is the first book in a mind-body series specifically designed to awaken the innate intelligence of the smart body. This journal contains 52 daily affirmations for activating the body’s natural healing ability. Developing a conscious dialogue with your smart body is transformative and healing and can completely change your mindset. With these words, you are speaking directly to your smart body and that part of your consciousness that is alive. This work is based on the concept that the body is smart and has an innate intelligence. If you have had difficulty healing and recovering from illness or disease, these affirmations are the perfect way to lift your spirits. It’s time to have that heartfelt conversation. It’s time to affirm it and believe it. Your smart body is waiting for new programming. When you awaken that innate power that has been lying dormant for hundreds of years your life will begin to magically transform. This sacred journey of self-discovery will help you transform old patterns of behavior, clarify communication within yourself, and deepen your connection to your body's natural innate ability to heal and improve your life. Are you ready?